Obamacare Rising: Conservatives Are Gleeful Yet Outraged as Millions May Lose Healthcare Coverage

obamacareWe’ve now learned what was already obvious: Costs for health insurance policies purchased through the marketplace, and made possible by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), will increase significantly in 2017. And there will be fewer options and likely less coverage.

Insurance companies say they’re raising costs and cutting options because there were more sick people than they’d expected. No kidding. What else could you expect when millions of people hadn’t been able to afford preventive care for years, some for decades?

I seriously doubt this was a surprise to the insurance companies. They knew how many people (and procedures) they’d excluded over the years. They knew how many uninsured/under-insured people there were. They also knew that those people would be the perfect scapegoats for raising rates, cutting options, and pulling out of marketplace policies. So they did.

Cue conservative glee…

Conservatives across the country are high-fiving each other over this news.

“I told you so!”

“It’s been a failure from the start!”

“I told you it was only a matter of time before it all fell apart!”

“All you liberal ACA supporters sure are quiet now that your boy’s plan has been proven a failure!”

“This proves that Obama and Obamacare are failures!”

Blah, blah, blah. Same song, 60th verse.

Well, congratulations, conservatives.

You win.

You got what you wanted.

How does it feel to win when winning means that millions of your fellow Americans may lose their healthcare coverage, including many whose policies didn’t come through the marketplace?

How does it feel to win when winning means that even you might find the cost of health insurance to be prohibitive before long?

I guess all that really matters is that you were right. Obama and his flagship policy are failures. And, more importantly, you predicted it. Give yourselves a big ol’ pat on the back, conservatives. Now we’re all going down in flames together.

But it’s not all high fives and hallelujahs, is it?

Let’s not forget the (misdirected) outrage…

Since the initial ACA rollout, conservatives have been up in arms about everything from website malfunctions to rising premiums and deductibles, and anything else they could point to as a failure of both the president and the ACA. Like all those “lazy” people, who surely don’t deserve it, getting insurance on MY dime (many don’t seem to realize that not everyone with marketplace policies get subsidies and everyone has to pay something, based on their income).

And you know whose fault it is?

Obama’s, of course.

In all the conversations I’ve had in person or on social media over the years there’s one thing I’ve yet to hear even ONE conservative say: Congress should’ve done something to make this better for all of us.

Literally, not one conservative I know, not one conservative pundit, not one conservative elected official has ever held Congress or insurance companies accountable for their part in this fiasco.

In every conversation the fault lies exclusively with Obama. Never once have I heard one of my conservative friends give a nanosecond’s consideration to the fact that the Republican-controlled Congress has done NOTHING to improve the ACA or even come up with a plan to replace it. Their sole goal has been to repeal it or watch it fail. All the money and time spent trying to repeal it could’ve been more productively spent working together (reaching across the aisle – gasp!) to create a different plan or improve what was already in place.

Don’t like what’s in this plan or the way it was instituted? Cool. Show us how you’d get 14 million people (or, better yet, every American) insured and attempt to make it affordable. Oh, you’re not sure how to do that? No worries. Just make suggestions (even just one would be super helpful!) as to what you’d change that would benefit ALL Americans.


And, why, after all these years do they still have nothing? Because conservatives preferred to focus on shortcomings of the ACA rather than demanding their elected officials come up with an alternative. Because Republican lawmakers convinced their supporters that the ONLY alternative was to repeal Obamacare and… Oh wait, there is no and. Once their supporters had their pitchforks out for Obamacare, Republicans were free to sit back and watch as those with marketplace policies were slowly but surely forced to give up their long-awaited, much-needed policies. If some stalwart conservatives should lose coverage, too? No biggie. They knew that their constituents wouldn’t blame them for doing nothing; they’d blame Obama for trying to do something.

Their constituents are nothing more than collateral damage to them. Congress still has their awesome, affordable coverage. Who cares if healthcare for all other Americans goes to hell in a handbasket? They can rest easy knowing they made Obama look like a failure.

Where is the outrage toward Congress? Toward the insurance companies? Why is conservative outrage directed solely at the president?

And why is it more important to see Obamacare fail than it is to work to make it better? Or, if it can’t be salvaged, create a system that does work?

Is it better to be right than to do right?

I understand what motivates Congressmen/women to be obstructionists, but I don’t understand the motivations of people who applaud them for doing nothing, place all the blame on the president, and cheer the fact that millions of Americans will, once again, have no healthcare (and that their own policies will likely cost more!).

Trump promises to repeal Obamacare on Day 1. He’ll expand choice, freedom (oh brother), and affordability. How exactly? And when will the new plan take effect? I haven’t heard him say, but I’m sure it’ll be great (!). It’ll be the best plan ever! He would take office in ~3 months, but he can’t articulate his plan? And his supporters are okay with that? We’ll just let him figure it out after he throws 14 million Americans off the bus.

Talk about death panels.

Americans are quick to throw out the adage, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, but do we truly grasp the depth of that concept? When one of us hurts, we all hurt. Or at least that’s how it should be (especially when this is supposed to be a “Christian nation”).

What happens when 14 million people are uninsured again? What happens when insurance companies can once again deny coverage for those of us with pre-existing conditions? What happens when insurance companies are no longer are mandated to spend 80% of premium dollars on claims and improving healthcare quality? What happens when it comes to your front door? Because you will be affected directly or indirectly.

We will all suffer.

More tax dollars paying for indigent patients. More people going bankrupt due to healthcare costs. More Americans dying from untreated illnesses. More people needing assistance in every way because of outrageous medical bills. Worse and more expensive coverage for everyone.

I wish I could understand how this is acceptable, but I can’t.

But seriously, congratulations, conservatives.

You win.

Or maybe we all lose.

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