Hillary and Bill Just Don’t Get It (Or Maybe They Just Don’t Care)

presidential-1311753_960_720I won’t go into all the reasons I support Bernie over Hillary; that would require much more than a blog post. Instead I’ll focus on why Hillary and her surrogates (especially Bill) are, themselves, doing more damage to her campaign than any Bernie supporters could hope to do.  The condescension, arrogance, and sense of entitlement are insulting to say the least. For instance, Bill recently laughed as he said to some hecklers that they should “have fun” because “they’ll be toast in November.” Really? That’s your idea of bringing us into the fold? And this is hardly the most dismissive thing anyone has said.

I supported Bernie before most outside of Vermont knew who he was. I supported the Clintons longer than that. Months ago, my feeling was that if Bernie didn’t get the nom, no worries…Hill was there. In spite of her baggage, she’d be my choice. Liberals were lucky to have two great candidates while conservatives had 243 bad ones. Regardless of how I now view Hillary, on the surface her platform was much closer to my worldview than any conservative candidate.

But then things began to get ugly.

Millions of women like me were essentially scolded by two feminist icons for daring to support a male candidate when there was a female alternative – especially when that alternative was Hillary Clinton. This is possibly the most anti-feminist message any feminist has ever espoused. And to condescend to and attempt guilt millions of women in such a way was disgraceful. It was that day that the arrogance and entitlement of the Clintons began to show itself so much that I, someone who’d supported them for decades, could no longer overlook it.

Then, state after state reported various, often multiple, forms of voter suppression and outright fraud and NO ONE on Hillary’s side spoke up. I began to wonder why. If she’s so certain she’s the winner, why not call for all questions to be answered? That’s what I expect from my candidate because, well…integrity.

When Bernie supporters questioned these irregularities, we were derided, told we were sore losers,  told this has happened election after election and we should get over it…that’s just the way things are. That’s the problem, people! This shouldn’t be the way things are. The fact that we’re so complacent to a system that we know isn’t working for us is baffling. We now look at voter suppression and fraud as just the way things are? Voting is supposed to be sacred to Americans. How did we let this happen to us?

Even Republicans, ever the guardians of voting integrity (so they say) were silent. Maybe they know that, for their purposes, Hillary is a better bet than Trump? After all, she isn’t calling for much to change and, because she’s Hillary Clinton, conservative constituents will not only applaud but demand that their elected officials deny anything she proposes. That’s okay, though, in the end, both the Democrat and Republican parties are working for the same interests (and shocker, those interests ain’t you and me!). They can all agree in the backroom to pretend to oppose each other while both parties convince us that they’re fighting for the little guys. And so it goes.

I digress.

It soon became crystal clear that Hillary and Bill and many of their supporters believe she is entitled to the presidency, as if it were a done deal before the campaign ever started. They are indignant that, once again, someone is attempting to usurp her inevitable rise to the Oval Office. She already had to let it go in 2008. She sure as hell isn’t doing that now. She’s worked for eight years to position herself for the win in 2016. With Obama out of the way and no other strong democrats in sight, it was in the bag. Sure there’d be a token candidate to debate but that would be a formality and she could refine her platform message in the process.

Then along came Bernie. He said exactly what millions of us have needed to hear. That it shouldn’t be this way. It doesn’t have to be this way. He gently shook us by the shoulders and reminded us that, in this country, the people are the power. Millions began to come out of their complacent slumber. We realized that together, we can make change happen.

And Hillary watched her in the bag win become less of a sure thing, but she didn’t understand why. She still doesn’t. She likely believes that simply because she’s moved closer and closer to Bernie’s platform that should’ve swayed some of his voters (or at least quelled the #BernieorBust movement), but it didn’t.

And it was obvious that she wasn’t happy.

For months, she and Bill (and their surrogates) have increasingly and derisively dismissed Bernie supporters as a mere nuisance standing between her and the White House. Pests. Flies to be swatted away. All the while demanding party unity! Reminding us at every turn that she is the only person who can prevent a complete collapse of the system. The problem is the system they’re fighting for is broken and she isn’t willing or able to fix it. And she doesn’t get it.

We’re constantly told that we’re dividing the party. We just need to sit down and shut up or we’ll be complicit in electing Trump. The downfall of our country will rest solely in the hands of Bernie supporters who dare not to pledge allegiance to Hillary.

Every time I’ve posted something on Facebook about the way I feel regarding Hillary and Bill’s treatment of Bernie supporters I’m told to stop attacking Hillary or reminded that I must vote for her no matter what. Can it really be considered attacking when I point out the truth? I haven’t railed against her policies (and believe me I’ve wanted to)! I’ve only voiced my anger and frustration over voter suppression and the Clinton attitude toward Bernie supporters. They don’t even speak about Trump supporters with as much disregard.

Hillary and her surrogates don’t seem to understand that their continued condescension, dismissal, and flagrant indignation toward Bernie supporters isn’t the way to win our votes and is certainly not going to inspire party loyalty. If anything, it makes us more determined than ever to fight for the man we believe in. Hillary doesn’t speak for us. She knows it and it shows. She doesn’t much care about our concerns. We are only numbers to her. Votes and delegates. It is beyond her comprehension that Bernie supporters won’t fall in line and vote for her just because. And I fear that the longer they project that attitude the more votes she could lose. And let’s face it, she needs us.

The funny thing is she’s crossed the nation pandering to women, Hispanics, African Americans, and young people yet she doesn’t even try to reach out, much less pander to Bernie supporters except to say that she’s confident we’ll support her once she is the nominee. But she doesn’t get it.

And last night (June 6) AP announced that Hillary is the presumptive nominee the evening before six states hold their primaries. Naturally all other MSM outlets followed suit. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened, but it’s irresponsible at best. Why irresponsible? Because the media – owned by large corporations – knows that the announcement could very well keep millions of people from voting on June 7. If I really thought there remained such a thing as a “free press” I wouldn’t be so angry about it. The fact is, there is no such entity amongst mainstream media any longer.

Hillary supporters like to say that Bernie supporters sound like Tea Partiers with our conspiracy theories (but ya still want our votes, don’t ya?). But there’s a huge difference: Our theories can be proven. We’re not talking Jade Helm, we’re talking about the powers that be not wanting to lose control.

And now it has begun in earnest. Hillary supporters already calling Bernie Sanders supporters fools, idiots, and sore losers because we won’t concede to the Queen before all votes are counted. All the while demanding party unity! So I end the way I began…is this really the best tactic to attempt to convince Bernie supporters to come to your side? Many never will, but some may still be swayed. I submit that your current tactics are not going to work for you.


I didn’t suddenly wake up because I support Bernie Sanders. I’ve been on a learning journey for several years. Truth is, I support Bernie Sanders because I finally woke up.

Carole Billingsley is a social media consultant, writer, speaker, educator, entrepreneur, music lover, and all around cool chick from Houston, Texas. The Carole Show is her personal blog where she shares thoughts, rants, and insights on a wide variety of subjects. Visit her Amazon page here: http://amzn.to/2eSMR99

One thought on “Hillary and Bill Just Don’t Get It (Or Maybe They Just Don’t Care)

  1. It’s great that you support Bernie Sanders, but despite your hopes and wishes, barring radical unforeseen circumstances, the nomination race is essentially settled.
    The choice now is whether one vote for Trump, votes for Hillary or not vote and suffer the consequences.
    The “Change” Obama campaigned about and the “Revolution” Bernie preaches is not like making microwave popcorn nor will it come about with any one politician in any 4 year term. Change and Revolution takes years to foment and even more years and a lot of sacrifice, political maneuvering and loss to actualize.

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