Sexual Abuse: It’s Not Just for Powerful Men

Sexual abuse (harassment/assault) is not just for powerful men. And it’s not about sex or sex addiction. It is a power play coupled with a sense of entitlement. While cases involving the famous and powerful make the news, women know that a man need not be powerful or famous to commit sexual harassment or assault. […]

Do Children Learn Respect for Authority by Physical Force? One (Former) Teacher’s Thoughts on the South Carolina School Incident

The videos of the (now former) South Carolina officer manhandling a teenage girl for being “disrespectful and belligerent” were truly disturbing. The words of those supporting the officer’s actions were bewildering, at best. The realization that so much of this support was from parents, teachers, and law enforcement officers saddened me beyond words. Below are […]

Gay Marriage, Bristol Palin, Christian Hypocrisy, and Living My Faith

One day after Christian abstinence advocate Bristol Palin announced her second out of wedlock pregnancy, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage. Predictably, conservatives are outraged over the SCOTUS decision…but not so much about Bristol’s pregnancy. These two events shine a bright, but not so beautiful, light onto conservatives’ (especially conservative Christians’) hypocrisy. […]

Silence Isn’t Always Golden

All week I’ve been trying to write about Ferguson and its larger implications, as well as other issues our country is facing. I’ve also been trying to work on the next chapter of my book (which is what I should be focusing on, rather than worrying about how I can save the world), yet words […]